Surfacing onto the Toronto rap scene, YESWAY makes it clear that there are no limits when it comes to his artistry and the music he's creating. Born and raised in the city of Mississauga, his music is a direct reflection of his come up, struggle, hustle, and continuing rise to success. 

"There is dimension to my sound and my music. I don't fit in any one box. YESWAY is a representation of freedom and the limitlessness of life. It's where I can create music that speaks to everyday-life issues or even matters of the heart. When I'm on my wavy feel good sh*t, I want to translate that into my music and appeal to people who just need something to bounce to." 

YESWAY is also a deeper reflection of the rawness that comes with living the street life. "My sound is dark, my style is lyrical and I express real sh*t". With tracks like ‘Casino’, ‘Die Slow’ and ‘9’, YESWAY delivers on his promise procuring tracks that are catchy as hell, yet relatable. 

Yesway can be for everyone but I create music based on my experience and it is up to the listener to see the music I make through different lenses.